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About Us

Mission Statement

To create a holistic community focusing on education, environment and sustainable development by improving ourselves, our community and our country.

Vision Statement

To become a model community that is self-sufficient , self reliant and self-sustainable.


Community Legacy

Cashew Gardens is located in Central Trinidad, very near to the Caparo Watershed. The community has an active community council of sixteen executive members and has been in existence since 2001. The group initially came together to lobby for improved conditions in the community but has since found several other projects which they became passionate about and have since implemented.  

The Cashew Gardens Community Garden, The Cashew Gardens Homework and Activity Centre, Cashew Gardens Police Youth Club and the Cashew Gardens Community Recycling and Composting Program are some of our major initiatives.

Our first major project was done to assist with the economic situation facing some of the women in the community .  To do this we established the Cashew Gardens Community Garden. Twenty one women were trained by the Ministry of  Agriculture in  short crop cultivation and the community garden was set up with a grant which we received from the Community Development Fund (CDF).  The income generated from this garden paid the women and assisted in funding other community initiatives such as, the construction of the Homework and Activity Centre.

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