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Cashew Gardens is located in Central Trinidad, close to the top of the Caparo Watershed. The community has an active village council and there is a homework and activity centre from which we operate. The community is located close to the Caparo and Honda Rivers.

Cashew Gardens is located in Central Trinidad. The Cashew Gardens Community (CGC) is a project of the Land Settlement Agency developed in 2000 under the land for landless initiative. The CGC is situated between Longdenville  on the North and Carlsen Field on the South and the Borough of Chaguanas on the far West.

In 2001, the CGCC was established to represent the community’s needs in relation to the poor living conditions and was a main driver in lobbying for improvement of basic needs such as roads, street lights and water.


Our first major project was to assist with the economic situation facing some of the residents.  To do this we established the Cashew Gardens community garden. Twenty one women in the community were trained in agriculture and short crop cultivation. This had become necessary because jobs were not available in the immediate area and the women could not go to the city to get jobs because their major concern was their children who would be unsupervised when they got home from school of they worked too far away.

To create a holistic community focusing on education, environment and sustainable development by improving ourselves, our community and our country.

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Lot #1 Cashew Gardens, Edinburgh Road, Longdenville, Chaguanas

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