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Plastic Never Sleeps

Youths of the IDGS and members of CGCRP
Youths of the IDGS Camp and members of CGCRP

In our continued effort to raise awareness of plastic pollution in Trinidad and Tobago, the hard working volunteers of the CGCRP shared our message with preschoolers, teenagers and mature (dare I say older...) citizens.

1. Paragon Kinder-Garden - Kids are Our Only Hope!

These vibrant, energetic and enthusiastic mini warriors of Paragon Kinder Garden are young recyclers already and boy were they eager to share their stories! (19th July, 2018)

Fierce competition can be seen on their tally sheet and their signage was on point.

CGCRP member with teachers and kids of Paragon

Here is a message from these cute Mini Recycle Warriors.

Special thanks to iCare for their Recycler's Badge which you can be sure they will wear with honour.

2. Reach For Rights Camp hosted by IGDS

Our team headed over to the Institute for Gender Development Studies at the UWI, St Augustine campus on 24th July, 2018 and feedback from the campers (who were between ages 16-19) was:

They are willing to make a difference in the environment in their own capacity.

Part of our talk involved a video on the 'plastic' ocean and the concept of human eating plastic (a process called bio accumulation). We also shared the concept of upcycling and displayed our bird feeders made from bleach bottles and utilizing old CDs/DVDs to make a curtain.

There was great interest in recycling in their own households (many were asking about location of recycling bins) and of course, the convenience of recycling. By now we all know know how detrimental plastics are to our environment so that begs the question,

"Are you ready to inconvenience yourself to save our planet?"

Two youths from our community shared their experience conducting water quality testing at the Caparo River (of which we are proud adopters) and the importance of our rivers in relation to our access to fresh water.

#DidYouKnow Only 2% of fresh water is available for 6.8 billion people?

We concluded our talks with these bright future leaders by engaging in our favourite activity, i.e, our "Pick It Up" bottle in a barrel game and a winner was crowned!

3. Curbside Recycling Initiative by CTTRC

Our second event for the day was an initiative by the Couva Tabaquite Talparo Regional Corporation (CTTRC). They held a public consultation at Roystonia Community Centre on 24th July, 2018 and we were invited to speak on behalf of a community who was successfully practicing curbside recycling.

Our President, Ms. George optimistically shared the story of how we began recycling as a community, with the hope of inspiring and giving encouragement to the Rosytonia dwellers.

Children are the agents of change, shared Ms. George. The earth is speaking and we need to listen and leave a better earth for the future generation.

(Video provided by Ravi Ratiram)

Mr. Henry Awong, Chairman of the CTTRC, is very committed to working with his burgesses and encouraged all to join them in making this initiative a success.

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