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5 Steps to Start Recycling at Home

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Did you know that Trinidad and Tobago is the #1 producer of waste, per capita, according to the World Bank?. In other words, T&T ranked world's biggest daily waste producer, with a population of only 1.4 Million, we produce 1.5kgs (3.2 lbs) per person, per day.

That means we discard over 4 million pounds per year! Have you ever wondered where it ends up?

Well we can certainly find proof in the magnitude found during the natural disaster we faced during the weekend. The important question to ask is then,

What can you do about this?

Start Recycling From Your Household

This guideline is being provided by the Cashew Gardens community who started recycling in 2016 and has proudly grown by leaps and bounds in encouraging our residents to start recycling, as our bins are filled to the brim and emptied twice per week (currently requesting a larger iCare bin).

Before you begin, let’s make sure you know what you can recycle.

STEP 1: What Can You/Can't Your Recycle?

There are a number of things that you can recycle that you usually throw away each day. These can be broken down into categories:

- paper

- plastic

- metal (mainly aluminum cans)

- glass

How do you know something is recyclable? Look for the recycling symbol on the below items:

Items to recycle at your home
Items to recycle at your home

STEP 2: What do you need?

Materials: • 2-4 small to medium size garbage bins (you can use metal bins at your street corner) • A variety of sizes of garbage bags (optional and advised to use clear coloured ones)

STEP 3: Where can you find a recycling bin?

*Note: When Cashew Gardens started recycling, we did not have any iCare bins but that did not stop us! We got bins donated from Carib, branded them and placed throughout our community. This allowed easy deposits by residents and they sorted their recyclables and dropped off in the bins located at their street corner. Get your children involved from the inception stage, as they are the ones who will remind, motivate and even educate you in changing your habits.

Critical to note:

DO NOT place recyclables in black garbage bags or leave in the same locations as your general waste. Aside from iCare, our country does not have a recyclables collection agent and if left by the roadside the garbage truck will take them to the dump. We want to avoid this so take heed!

STEP 4: Placing your Bins/Bags

Put your recycling bins or bags where you think you are going to use them the most. This would probably be the kitchen and the office. Other places you could put them is in your room or even the garage (a larger one to dump all your smaller ones into or to put only your bottles and cans in to).

STEP 5: Collection or Dropping off Recyclables

If you are a kid this can be one of your most favorite days and we know our residents enjoy seeing our bins emptied twice a week! If you do not have a bin located near you please save and make deposits at least twice per week (or as needed). Some of you may be traveling so it is advised to take small amounts every day if you are passing bins that are distributed nationwide.

Help make a difference today in deciding what you throw away and how it can help others in your community!

Save our rivers and seas and leave our waterways clean and solid waste free!

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